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The New Technologies Centre (Centrum Nowych Technologii – CNT) is a separate research and development unit in the organisational structure of MPWiK S.A. in Wrocław. A basic goal of CNT is a broadly understood technological development of the company in order to improve efficiency of water and wastewater treatment processes for the sake of the environment.

The Centre cooperates with scientific and business communities, among others with one of the biggest research and development institute in the world ITRI from Taiwan, the Wrocław Research Centre EiT+ (Wrocławskie Centrum Badań EiT+), the biggest in Poland scientific-industrial consortium „Instytut Autostrada Technologii i Innowacji” (IATI), under which it manages the activity of the Competence Centre „Water and Environment” (Centrum Kompetencji „Woda i Środowisko”)

The CNT – team is composed of highly skilled engineers and research staff. In only four year this team has implemented several dozen research and development tasks and projects. For the implementation of particular tasks are appointed the project teams, which analyse in many ways the different issues.  Alongside the New Technologies Centre operate also the Advisory Board and the Scientific Committee as advisory bodies in the field of cooperation with the City and universities.
The Centre has its own research resource in form of two pilot research stations which were founded under the research and development projects co-funded from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBiR) and implemented in cooperation with the Wrocław University of Technology and the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences.



The Competence Centre „Water and Environment”(CK WIŚ) was founded by MPWiK in 2014 and operates within the biggest scientific-industrial consortium in Poland IATI.

The Competence Centre (CK WIŚ) creates conditions for application and realization of research, development and implementation projects, mainly by associating specialists and partners from both home and abroad.

The activity of CK WIŚ include the following areas:

– Engineering and environment protection

– Water and wastewater management

– Techniques and technologies of water and wastewater treatment
If you represent an institution related to the abovementioned areas and you are interested in participation in activities of the Competence Centre, please contact us at: More about IATI: or call 691 900 272


The Scientific Committee was established in 2012 and it is situated at the New Technologies Centre.                                                        komitet naukowy 1

It is an advisory body of the Management Board of MPWiK S.A. the New Technologies Centre. The aim of the Committee is:

The Scientific Committee indicates the areas of possible synergy of university research programmes and the needs of MPWiK S.A. in the municipal sector, identifies the possibilities to acquire resources for certain projects and for external funding, identifies the areas for improvement enabling better implementation of the objectives pursued by MPWiK S.A.


^A7193A1029CECEA4FEB19AC7D805246DCD5DC02290D64D13C7^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr  ADVISORY BOARD

The Advisory Board at the New Technologies Centre is an advisory body of the Wrocław Water and Sewerage Company, which is composed of representatives of the Municipal Office of Wrocław.
rada_programowaAim of the Board is:


udostepnianie info SHARING OF INFORMATION

We encourage you to contact people whose land and buildings belonging to our company may be an interesting point of research, as well as those who wish to enrich their academic work on information from the Wroclaw’s water supply. If interested, please read the Terms of sharing information on MPWiK for scientific purposes.

Below you can download the rules with attachments. A request for information on MPWiK for scientific purposes must be completed electronically  or in writing with characters printed and then signed and:



For several years MPWiK S.A. has been participating in a sector benchmarking projects. They include EBC and aquabench. The initiative of EBC launched in 2004 by international water and sewerage associations and companies from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Holland. The mission of EBC is to support water and sewerage enterprises in the process of continuous improvement of  efficiency and transparency of their actions.

The EBC benchmarking programme is being implemented by:

  1. Making available the international benchmarking programme adapted to the needs of water and sewerage enterprises.
  2. Providing a platform for the exchange of information concerning the best available practices in management and processes.
  3. Enabling the exchange of information and experiences in benchmarking.
  4. Organising training on modifications to increase efficiency.


In the EBC – project each year participate water and sewerage companies from all over the world.
Aquabench is an association of German speaking water and sewerage companies. Its business profile is similar to EBC with which it also cooperates. Its offer includes separate benchmarking projects concerning both the key processes and supporting the business activity of water and sewerage company.


On the building roof of the Old Ozonisation Plant (Stara Ozonownia) at Na Grobli St. in Wrocław is installed a system of three Renewable Energy Sources (RES) generating electricity and heat. The heating part of the system consists of three flat solar collectors connected to 300l solar tank, in which is prepared hot water for the building needs. Electricity is generated by wind turbine with a horizontal axis of rotation and on monocrystalline photovoltaic modules, and then cumulated in gel batteries. Electricity generated by OZE is used for outside lighting of the building.

Since June 2015 the operating parameters of the OZE – system have been monitored (measurement of temperatures and flows in the heating part as well as voltage and current in the electrical part). The measurement  system of OZE is supplemented by the weather station situated on the roof of fresh water building in the territory of the Na Grobli Water Treatment Plant, in the vicinity of the Renewable Energy Sources system. The weather station equipment allows to measure continuously parameters like: amount of precipitation, sunshine duration, incident radiation, wind velocity, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, and outside air temperature.

The analysis of the data obtain will allow to assess the actual efficiency of the Renewable Energy Sources systems in Wrocław conditions, mainly in terms of installing any similar systems in other facilities belonging to the MPWiK.


Because of a particular impact of precipitation on functioning both of the sewage system in Wrocław and the sewage treatment process, MPWiK S.A. is monitoring continuously the intensity and duration of precipitation using its own rain gauge network. The first gauges were installed in 2011 in order to calibrate a mathematical model of sewerage network. In the following years the network has been extended and includes now 11 rain gauges.

At two locations takes place more precise measurement of weather conditions at weather stations. Except the precipitation data there are registered also measurements of temperature, wind direction and velocity, level of sunlight and humidity.

Rain gauges are situated on the technological facilities belonging to MPWiK S.A. Their location was purposely planned in order to examine the variability of precipitation over the area with rainwater or general floatable sewage network.


Project “Introduction of Water Footprint (Wftp) approach in urban area to monitor, evaluate and improve the water use” (Urban_Wftp)”


Project „Optimization of nitrogen removal – improvement of treatment effects and a step on the way To energy self-sufficiency of the Wrocław wastewater treatment plant”


Project „Testing of efficiency of new water treatment technologies as a step to change attitudes towards development of the water supply sector”




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